Shades honeycomb

Shades honeycomb

Friday, October 28, 2011

Be inspired with window treatments in Wilmington NC

What type of mood do your window treatments evoke?  And if you don’t have window treatments yet, it’s time to start thinking about what kind of aura you hope to set with just your windows. See if these ideas spark any inspiration?

Warmth – Deep and earthy shades of yellow, red and orange will create and inviting and even rustic scheme.
Artistic – Bold patterns and contrasting colors will create tons of visual appeal, particularly in an otherwise traditional or neutral room. These windows will surely pop!
Shock – For a fun, informal space, go bright with yellows, pinks and oranges in shiny and unusual fabrics.
Layers – One of the most popular ways to apply window treatments is by layering different types, colors, textures, etc.  One window can take on multiple treatments and it’ll look great if it’s done right!
Dressings – Don’t forget the wonders that can be created with beautiful rods, brackets and other accessories. In shades of gold, copper and silver, these finishing touches will truly bring your window treatments together

You can take any of these ideas and incorporate them into your homes window treatments with roman shades, drapery panels, pillows and woven wood bamboo shades.  Make your home unique and give it your distinct style.  Now go decorate your windows!!

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