Shades honeycomb

Shades honeycomb

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Why consider shutters for your window treatments?

 Plantation Shutters are one of our favorite style window treatments. Here are a couple of reasons for you to possibly consider shutters for your homes window treatments.

Here in the Wilmington NC area we are in the south were plantation shutters were first used.  They fit the style of a lot of homes here in the Wilmington NC area. You can use plantation shutters for your main window treatment and the window really looks finished.  In my opinion a lot of window blinds be it a wood blinds or faux wood blinds they do not give the window a finished look. Wood or faux wood blinds usally need a drapery or a window valsnce to really give the window a nice finished look.

Plantation shutters are built into a frame not allowing that annoying light gap that window blinds and shades have. They really bring together flexibility and style. Also shutters are the most room darkening window treatment that is louvered.  When looking for shutters I would suggest a elliptical louver and not a flat louver.  The reason for this is that a elliptical louver used on your plantation shutters will close much tighter and darken the room much better when the louvers are closed.  Plantation shutter also come in a huge range of louver sizes and you can with a larger 2" or 3" louver provide much light and view when the louvers are open.

On the energy saving front, plantation shutters are great insulator for window treatmnets. Wood shutters are the best at insulating.  But the new faux wood shutters are getting much better for the hot summer heat we have here in the Wilmington NC area. While they save you money on your electric bill they at the same time add value to your home.  When your home is appraised plantation shutters are the only window treatment you can use that will add value to your home. No matter if you have custom blinds,shades or draperies they are not viewed as a permanent fixture of your home when appraised.  Where a plantation shutters are viewed as a permanent fixture.  Also if you trying to sell your house and someone comes in your home to look at it will separate your home from others they view.  People especially in the Wilmington NC area love shutters.

As always if you are looking for plantation shutters for your home I would suggest getting at least three quotes.  I know I have looked around and there is a wide range of products and pricing out there in the Wilmington NC area.  Most companies will come out and give you a free in home estimate.  Or if your in a hurry just call around and ask what that companies price is usually a square foot for shutters.  But remember doing it this way you dont really get to see the quality of the shutter.  It can give you an idea though of how much you will be looking at spending for shutters in your home.

I hope this helps you when considering different window treatment options for your home.

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